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Coaching Testimonials

Here's what some of the leaders we coached have to say:



 "We just wanted to thank you guys again for the help that you were (or God was) in our relationship. It still has had its moments, even since arriving in Thailand, but the fairly simple tools you gave us have proved immensely helpful in working through our differences. What would have been fearfully dreadful in the past now seems not so terrible since we know we have ways that we can work through it. Anyway, we are very grateful to you for sharing your heart and your ministry with us. God bless you guys, much love from Thailand."

Todd and Joan, Thailand



 "My wife and I have been enjoying a healthy marriage, and as I counseled others in pre-marital it was always a good reminder of the many things to keep in mind to have a healthy marriage. But for a number of months before we found out we were going to Bethesda, I found myself thinking was there not something more ... could we not grow deeper? I was content where we were but did not want to stop there if there was more.
It was refreshing to come and work with Mark & Pam and find some tools that we could use to build positively to deepen our relationship. It was also very helpful to discover a few things that we had covered over and needed to be dealt with so that we could understand why we reacted to each other in certain ways.
I continue to look back at the notes and be reminded of the things to work on as I grow closer to the wonderful woman that God has gifted to me so that we could minister to help those in our church and in our community."

Bill, Avoca NY



"Thank you for how you have ministered to my heart and encouraged my journey in the Lord. When my husband became a Pastor, mid-career, I did not know the struggle that this calling would have personally for me. The disappointment and isolation that was ahead of me was something I was not prepared for.

I believe it was a divine appointment when we met and you extended an invitation to come to Bethesda house and kayak with you.  What a blessing to have a sister in Christ, listen and connect with my heart. Thank you for loving me like Jesus. I had found a safe place and a sister whom I could trust. I am so very thankful for your wisdom and concern in my unique place as a pastor's wife.  It was like Jesus extended his hand to me through you and it bridged the gap from a tough place to a new one of vision and hope."

Pastor's Wife, Charlotte NC



“I have personally benefitted from Mark’s wise counsel and support over the years of our friendship and observed the high quality of Mark and Pam’s marriage relationship during many stays in their home.  I have also observed Mark in a marriage counseling session and was very impressed with his work.  Mark and Pam are two of the most emotionally healthy and mature people I know.”

Bill, Avon CT



“Mark and Pam welcomed us, and made us feel like friends.  They didn’t blame us for our problems, but gave us the tools that we needed to take steps first in our own lives, in our family, and then they helped us see our ministry in a holistic way.  It’s important in ministry that every pastor has someone they can go to for help.”

Nimit and Christa, Frisco TX



“Quite frankly, it’s hard to imagine where I’d be without Mark & Pam’s presence in my life to probe through different issues of my own soul, marriage, and leadership. I have grown because of their coaching, especially as they have helped me navigate difficulty and discouragement in different seasons of ministry.  I am a much better person, husband, and leader because of them.  My wife would agree wholeheartedly!”

Drew and Tina, Queens NY


We come alongside Christian leaders to enrich their marriages and ministries for the sake of God's Kingdom.

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